Change the environment, start with yourself. It's a well-known Dutch motto and that is for a good reason, because it's possible.

Only when you speak the language to communicate with your inner core and with that help also a lot better with the other person, you are able to pass a message.

With that, you prevent misunderstandings, incomprehension and ignorance. At home, at school, at work and in relationships.
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In de kern
Wat houdt onze begeleiding in?
“Eight years ago, I developed a complex regional pain syndrome in my leg. According to my doctors, they could not do anything about it anymore. Even after two long-term stays at Blixembosch, the Netherlands, the situation only went backwards.

In an adjusted home with a wheelchair sitting around waiting to die. That's what my future looked like. But I didn't want that. I was married and I even wanted to get pregnant.

At my sister-in-law's advice, I ended up at Jacques and Audrey's practice. They helped me digging to the core of myself. I'm doing a lot better since then. I could never have dreamed that at the start.

I now have three children and I mainly take care of them. Our house is adjusted for a wheelchair, but I can also walk with crutches.

I do physiotherapy twice a week and I don't need Jacques and Audrey any more. But I know where to go to should things go less good again.”