In our practice for Investment to Self-recognition we have guided people to insight in themselves and to heal themselves for over fifteen years. The result: solutions concerning emotional problems and health improvement.

Besides knowledge on the area of, among others, medical science, psychology and homoeopathy, we mainly draw knowledge from the many positive practice experiences for our observations, analyses and advice for communication and behaviour.
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“At my last pregnancy, six years ago, I got all kinds of strange and annoying symptoms. Doctors blamed my hormones for it.

After delivery it got worse, with all kinds of fears, and my family doctor talked about postnatal depression. He wanted to prescribe pills, but I wanted to take on the cause.

My first visit to Jacques and Audrey Coumans was a revelation. I cried for one and a half hours. Everything from my unprocessed past came out. They exactly knew what my problems were. That was a total relief."