It is therefore highly important to discover the own emotions and to use this to identify and know the essence of the own life. This is already possible at young age.

Even better, it is essential to bring children in harmony with theirself. This prevents a lot of learning disorders and behaviour disorders in the family situation and at school. Furthermore, the patience to take a look at oneself is something that most adults cannot work up anymore because they are busy with their social career.

We say: dare to see yourself and your environment! And we can effectively guide
you at that.
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“When I sent a friend of mine to the Coumans practice years ago, my first impression was: here's where things happen that I've never experienced before, they work on your emotions.

Because I was also troubled with panic attacks, dizziness and fainting, I started working on my inside with Jacques and Audrey. I like to compare it with a car: it can have nice paint, but that is of no help when the engine is not all right. In order to feel good, you have to remove all negativity from within.

Jacques and Audrey gave me
a fantastic hand at that. I felt positively recharged after every single visit."