Man is emotion. And because emotion is changeable and occurs in many forms, it is not that strange that emotions bring a world of action and reaction to mankind. Think of joy and grief, but also false emotion like envy, aggression, anger, pride and hatred.

One often doesn't notice the presence of it in oneself. Or we ignore them by saying: "That's just the way I am." When we do so, we give these emotions the chance to go their own way. Even from grandpa / grandma to father and mother, to son and daughter.

Successive generations of people with emotionally controlled problems occur, and all their discomfort. From the external point of view they could lead to disagreements, unadjusted behaviour and even forms of autism. On the internal area, they cause illness, depression, chronic fatigue and psychologic and psychiatric disorders.
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Wat houdt onze begeleiding in?
“Several years ago, I took my mentally handicapped brother, who is 43 years old, to the practice in Weert, the Netherlands for the first time. My brother stays in a relief centre on weekdays and at home in the weekends. He was always terribly aggressive there. Hitting, kicking and throwing things; it seemed like all anger he bottled up came out at those moments. He also disliked therapists.

From the first visit to Jacques and Audrey, he felt right at home and even wanted to go back. After several sessions it was noticeable that he had
less tantrums.

We now go there once a month and my brother always looks forward to it. He hasn't had any tantrums for months and he is a lot more independent and spontaneous now. Our weekends are a lot quieter
and happier."