In our IZH practice we use the so-called psychological fathoming method.
By means of intensive counselling and confrontation, individually or in (family) groups, we change the negative energy
for positive energy. With as a result, among others:
In de kern
Wat houdt onze begeleiding in?

• Breakthrough of virtuous circles, due to which blockades, etc. can be lifted.

• Removal of genetic conditions of the character, like negative behaviour, feelings and thoughts, false emotions and traumas.

• Improvement of children's behaviour that cannot listen or don't want to listen to their superiors, like parents, etc.

• Neutralization of concentration problems with learning disorders of schoolchildren.

• Removal of mental scars from genetics (parents, grandparents).

• Dealing with and removal of emotional traumas.

• Elimination of fears, phobias, sleeping disorders, bed-wetting and nightmares.

• Tackling metabolism, digestion, immune system, behaviour, emotion and thought disorders.

• Removal of internal fields of tension in muscles, joints and nerves.

• Broaching the positive basic character and the positive energy sources for a healthy life without fears.

• Learning to communicate with oneself, not by means of messages but with and from one's feelings.

• Learning to develop who you really are and where you're really at (capacity, integrity, your true identity).

• The improvement of the relation between parent - child / child - parent (the underlying relationships in the family).

• Provide insight in the problems and stimulation of active participation in the healing process.


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